Range Rover Evogue


Days/ RatesLow season – 01.10 – 31.05High season – 01.06 – 30.09
1-2 days107.4 EUR113.3 EUR
3-4 days101.5 EUR106.2 EUR
5-6 days96.8 EUR100.3 EUR
7-13 days92.1 EUR95.6 EUR
14-20 days87.4 EUR90.9 EUR
21-28 days83.8 EUR86.2 EUR

Security Deposit

The refundable car security deposit covers unlikely events that are not covered by the insurance - loss of car keys or documents, car returned with an empty tank, traffic fines, etc. It also covers the damage to the removable parts of the vehicle not covered by the insurance (unless additionally obtained) - tires, rims, wheel covers, etc. The refundable security deposit is due upon car collection.

For this car: 800 EUR

More about the Car

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Range Rover has been in production since 1970. Until now the brand has become a symbol thanks to the skilful combination its off-road capabilities and luxurious interior. Evogue shares many distinct features with Land Rover LRX concept car. The SUV rent a car we are offering is quipped with a very powerful and agile 2.2 ltr. diesel engine giving you more than enough power in every situation.