How to Save on Car Rental in Bulgaria

Travelling abroad can be a pleasant or even an emotionally exhausting experience regardless of the fact that you may be on your way to an awaited and well-deserved vacation. Planning is always a big part of any holiday travel and can be the difference between a good and a ruined vacation.

Most people book their hotel in advance but few of them consider an early car rental booking. Booking in the last possible moment or rushing into the first offer that comes your way is not the best way to hire a car in Bulgaria. Careful planning and knowing how your rental rate is calculated is key to getting the best deal. Here are some of the more important considerations:

Book your rental car beforehand

Depending on how early you book, the price discount can vary from 10% to 20 % and up to 50 % for long term rental. Making your reservation during the off peak season will also give you the advantage to choose from a wide variety of vehicles at reasonable prices.

Make a price comparison

This one is a no-brainer but many people tend to skip this step only to find a better offer after it is too late. Local companies often have the best deals on the market and are highly competitive when compared to what the big brands are offering.

A good solution to making an informed choice is to use a rental car broker like Bulrent. Brokers have a good knowledge of local market specifics, as well as the benefit of being able to work with a multitude of companies and negotiate special rates with them on your behalf. You will find that brokers are the best solution to saving time and money when looking for cheap rental cars.

Ask for the fuel policy

Many car rental companies will provide the vehicle with a full tank and will ask you to return it the same way. If the client simply forgets or doesn’t have the time to fill the tank prior returning the vehicle the company will charge him extra (the price at the gas station + around 0.25-0.30€ penalty fee) for every liter. So to avoid extra costs just ask, or opt for a fuel policy that suits your needs best.


Although every car has CDW insurance the client can ask for optional liability, damage and towing coverage. A well known practice is asking for a security deposit when the customer doesn’t sign for the optional insurance. If you are planning to go abroad especially outside EU with the hired car you must inform your rent a car agent, because some insurance companies have limited or no coverage outside the given country.

Child seats

They will cost you extra, but different companies will have their own pricing policies – you can be charged a set fee for the whole rental period or on a daily basis. In most countries the child seat is obligatory if your child is under the age of 3. Bulgaria is no exception to this rule. To avoid this expense you can simply bring your own seat.


Some companies can set a limit usually around 100 km per day or 3000 km per month. So it’s better to ask in advance because exceeding the limit will most likely lead to some penalty charges which in some cases can be very high.

GPS or Satnav

As some of the above-mentioned charges the price here is also set by day or sometimes for long term rental you can negotiate for a fixed price. One solution for avoiding this fee is to bring your own device. But before you do, make sure that you have a working map of Bulgaria installed and that it is a recent version. Outdated or incorrect maps can cause a lot of trouble and cost you time and money. That’s why we recommend to use a satnav from the rent a car company because theirs will most likely be up to date and with the correct map for the region.

Kiril Yanakiev

Kiril Yanakiev

Kiril is a man of many different interests. Like all people at Bulrent, he shares the love for cars and enjoys taking long road trips with friends. He has a technical background - he majored "Fleet and ports operations" in the Technical University of Varna and also graduated as a Maritime Navigation major.
Kiril Yanakiev

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  1. Stanislav Georgiev · 29-12-2014 · Permalink

    This is an interesting post and one which should actually be kept in mind when renting a car. Car hire prices can often get pretty hefty when all the extras and hidden taxes are exposed. Watch out for such false advertising.

  2. John Gubby · 29-12-2014 · Permalink

    Each of the local companies in Bulgaria has it’s own policies and they can differ greatly. Always ask for the outlined points in advance.

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