Top Things to Do around the City of Burgas

If you are going to Burgas and the region, there is plenty to do, especially in summer. From beaches, sea parks, and spas to historical and archeological museums, galleries, cafes, and fish restaurants, entertainment and things to see abound.

Wildlife and Nature

If this is your first trip to Burgas and are up for adventure, you can sign for a kayak safari close to Burgas. You will spend a wonderful day paddling together up and down, and you will definitely enjoy wildlife. The Strandja Mountain reserve is a must-see, and you will love the combination of mountain views, sea, and beaches. While it is 75 km away from Burgas, you can book a rental car for a day or two and visit the reserve.

Strandja mountain

Strandzha Mountain Scenery – Near Burgas

The flora and fauna are unique and diverse, with more than 120 habitats. The area is the home to hundreds of species, including mammals, breeding birds, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, and vertebrates and invertebrates. The St. Anastasia Island is also a tourist attraction near Burgas that was turned into a prison in the 1920s. There is a small quay, pub, and lighthouse on the island, and it is a half-day trip and no more than 15 minutes to reach. You will love the sea view, and there are nice craft shops and also a small church.

Museums and Churches

There are great museums, monuments, and historical buildings in Burgas if you are up for sightseeing. You can visit the Burgas Archeological Museum which is a compact local museum with interesting artifacts and samples. In fact, the place is loaded with artifacts and pieces from around the area, including implements from bones, flint, and stone, dating back to the Bronze, Stone, and Neolithic Age. What is more, some of the artifacts date back to the 4th century and were discovered in a Thracian settlement.


Gold Buckles – Exhibit Pieces from Burgas Ethnographic Museum


If you are staying in Burgas or plan a trip to the region, then we definately suggest going to the town of Nessebar. It is an old town which offers plenty of attractions, from amazing sea views and panoramas to churches, traditional houses, and historic sites. Nessebar is just 35 minutes away from Burgas and again, you can turn to a car rental agency, which many tourists do. It takes about 30 minutes to get there, and you will love the old houses, ruins, and seaside. The coastal scenery is amazing, and the little streets are bustling with life in late spring and summer. It feels like you have traveled back in time, and the locals are hospitable. There are great food places as well.


The Old Town of Nessebar

There are other things to do and places to see in and around Burgas, from aqua parks and seaside bars to lakes, ancient sanctuaries, and a lot more. If you are a nature lover, there are plenty of opportunities for camping and hiking tours as well. There is an amusement park and plenty of entertainment if you are traveling with children. Shopping venues also abound as well as entertainment centers, movie theaters, and other attractions for children and adults alike.

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