Varna – Restarting Bulgaria’s Sea Capital

Varna has truly become a beautiful and exciting travel destination for a summer holiday. Ever since current mayor Ivan Portnih stepped into position only two years ago, the city has seen many changes which have made Varna a better place both for locals and tourists.

The Beautiful City Center Fountain - an Illuminated Masterpiece Shooting Water 40 Metres in The Air

The Beautiful City Center Fountain – an Illuminated Masterpiece Shooting Water 40 Metres in The Air

The city of Varna is known as the sea capital of Bulgaria – a title that people were starting to deny in favor of the city of Burgas which for as much as a decade had a much better municipal administration and was steadily gaining speed. Varna on the other hand was under the rule of Mayor Kiril Yordanov, who albeit being reelected three times, simply had not made any meaningful contributions to the city.

Varna’s longstanding mayor Kiril Yordanov was overturned in 2013 after civil unrest forced his abdication. This is when Ivan Portnih was chosen as acting mayor for the remaining two years of Kiril Yordanov’s term. Mr. Portnih was a candidate of Bulgaria’s main ruling party GERB and this has probably played a big role in his success.

Whether the state has been strategically and overly subsidizing Varna or not, what matters is that the city is finally seeing what their tax payer money can do. Residents of the city have been continually impressed by ingoing infrastructure and social projects. So much that they have been talking about Varna being restarted – as if it had been a computer which had crashed and frozen.

So what are we seeing after this restart of the city? The list of infrastructure improvements is quite extensive – new boulevards, piping, sidewalks, fountains and more. The efforts are currently mainly targeted towards the central parts of the city and the sea garden which are most visited by guests of Varna during the summer season.

If you look beyond the improvements associated with the ever-growing number of foreign guests that the city has, there is even more work done mainly for the better living standard of Varna’s citizens. Children’s playgrounds, a major renovation of Varna’s Palace of Culture and Sports, an overhaul of the sea port area, new buses for the public transport, and municipal sports facilities in the suburbs.

Social and cultural events are also at an all-time high – just as the city was becoming less interesting to its residents, it emerged with new ideas and well forgotten old ones. Varna hosted the Tall Ships Regatta in 2014, numerous festivals, well-organized happenings and sports events. This all lead to Varna being chosen as “European Youth Capital of 2017”.Varna Youth Capital 2017

And last but not least, all this has brought back Varna’s status of being Bulgaria’s sea capital – a title it carries proudly and with no doubt. Evidence of the new found self-esteem was the Day of Varna celebration from a couple of days ago (15 August 2015) – a long standing tradition for all of Varna’s citizens to get together and celebrate the beauty of their city.

This year saw the largest and most amazing Day of Varna celebration – a full day of events culminating in a live concert and a spectacular fireworks show at the sea port area. The events were attended by a record number of people and the atmosphere created by Varna residents and city guests was magnificent.

Tourists looking to book a holiday in Varna, or visit the city for a day trip, are most certainly in for a great time. With a multitude of heritage attractions, museums, great food, cafes, beautiful pedestrian and shopping areas and the lively beach bars and high-end restaurants at incredibly affordable prices, Varna is a must-visit destination. The latest improvements and infrastructure projects carried out by the local administration have made the city even more irresistible.

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